Friday, 26 July 2013

overkilling sadness . being sad is terrifying . you're surrounded with so many  thing running  through your mind . its like your soul whispering all those negative thought and the sad part is you believed it . all  alone on a corner of your room and keep asking to god "why am i here " or something like "why am i exist " .  you felt like you don't belong to be here and keep wishing that someone could take u far far away from this cruel world . its funny when people judge us for being sad all time , when they don't even know what you are going through . they say  we are craving for attention , well they are wrong . we are craving for happiness . craving for a a real smile . we did not choose to end up this way . either we are too emotional or we are just simply sad all the time .

Friday, 14 December 2012


 cup of tea . muse'song . dark room . cold weather . all alone . yes here i am .

   do you ever been in a situation when everything seems so hard ? or when you just cant tell how sad you are ? and you feel so useless ? complicated thought ? mxed feelings ?   sometimes i wish i cold just scream , not for any particular reason either . i just wish i could go to a big open space and scream my freakin heart out . i wish i could scream until i lose my voice , lose my breath , , until im satisfied enough . i wish i could scream until i physically couldn't anymore , i just can't  describe what i'm feeling , im not happy and i know that ,but i'm also not sad either . i'm just caught right in between all those emotions and i feel so empty